Serenah’s artworks tell stories about her subjects that transcend the canvas.

She captures their unique essence and personality, creating joyful portraits with a unique aesthetic, humour and playfulness with her limited edition artwork.

Serenah has a global following, with more than 80,000 Facebook followers. Our brief was to create a fresh new brand in conjunction with an eCommerce website to allow Serenah to sell her bespoke prints to the world.

The art Serenah creates are stories told in image form. Her artwork goes beyond the photograph and now you can get your own Serenah original.



For the Serenah logo mark we focused on creating a custom typeface that works like a signature. Serenah is the brand and the artist, and as with all renowned artists they have their own unique signature or mark.

This is a logo that is uniquely hers, as it’s been created entirely by hand. It speaks to all the brand attributes of unique, crafted, premium and genuine, with touches of refined personality.




We developed an eCommerce website for Serenah complete with more than 30 products, gift certificates and a wish list.

Colour palette

For the brand colours we utilised colours that would work well alongside any of Serenah’s images. We blended tones that could be used for contrast and emphasis, as well as tones that harmonised and complemented.

This provides for maximum flexibility and allows the brand to have a unified story on social media platforms.