Waterfront Place

‘Innovating’ played a major role in the visual style for Waterfront Place. At every opportunity we’ve looked at how we could push Waterfront Place to stand out amongst the landscape and push convention. We took a look at the category and decided that the only way to elevate the brand was to innovate.


Working with Dexus, we layered our approach to re-branding and re-positioning Waterfront Place. We took a bold, sophisticated and refreshing approach, and challenged current perspectives. Proving that we live and breath everything innovation, this encouraged the market to take another look at Waterfront Place.




Our campaign for Waterfront Place featured a video, digital and printed brochure and content campaign. Using LinkedIn to reach a highly targeted, Brisbane audience, the digital content campaign delivers leads direct to the Waterfront Place team every week.


Colour palette

The current market stays safely within the blue, grey colour range. We added a secondary palette with bold, unexpected colours that accompany the brands blue tones to break with convention. This addition is striking and allows for greater visibility within a crowded market, and as a feature to keep visual impact and sophistication.